History of Poltekpar Makassar

The Tourism Education and Training Center (BPLP) which was inaugurated on 18 September 1991 is the forerunner of the current Makassar Poltekpar. Ujung Pandang BPLP is an initiative of Mr. Ir. Yonathan L. Parapak who was then the Secretary General of Deparpostel and Prof. Dr. Ahmad Amiruddin as Governor of South Sulawesi. The establishment of BPLP in Ujung Pandang was intended to address the shortage of professional staff in the tourism sector.

Initially (BPLP) Ujung Pandang was established, with a certificate program. It was only a year later to open an educational program with a Diploma 2 level for the Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Catering study programs.
After graduating the first diploma 2 alumni in 1994, BPLP opened the Tourism Travel Business diploma program and advanced Diploma 3 (D3) (1 year) from the Diploma 2 (D2) program, hospitality. In addition, BPLP also conducts tourism business training and tourism management for Civil Servants (PNS) in Eastern Indonesia.

Two years later, this college opened a Diploma III (D3) level with a study program Room Division Management, Food Management, Food Management, Travel Business Management. In the same year a collaboration was made with the British Council in terms of teaching assistance.

In 1997 the college changed its name to the Makassar Tourism Academy (Akpar) according to the ministerial decree KM.27 / OT.001 / MPPT97. At that time there was also cooperation with (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the ALLIANCE Francaise in terms of teaching assistance and learning facilities. Furthermore, Akpar Makassar collaborated with AUSAID through the assistance of teaching staff and the MARA Institute (Malaysia) in sending lecturers.

As a previous collaboration development, Makassar Tourism Academy was appointed by AUSAID as the Makassar Tourism Training Project with a Pilot Project for four years. The implementation of this collaboration is competency-based training and testing in the field of tourism and at the same time sending 12 lecturers to study at the Canberra Institute of Technology - Australia

In 2007, Akpar Makassar collaborated with the Ministry of National Education on the National Workshop for the synergy of the Makassar Tourism Academy with the Directorate General of Higher Education. After that, Akpar Makassar obtained accreditation by the National Accreditation Board for all existing majors.

A year later, the Makassar State Polytechnic of Tourism occupied a new campus on Jl. Mount Rinjani in the Kota Mandiri Tanjung Bunga area. Previously, the Akpar Makassar campus was located on Jl. Cenderawasih. The new campus stands on an area of ​​approximately 16 hectares and is equipped with a series of teaching and learning facilities, laboratory facilities with international standards.

Since 2010, the Makassar State Polytechnic of Tourism has also opened a diploma four education program in collaboration with the Nusa Dua Bali Tourism College (STP). In the affiliate program, three study programs are held, namely Hospitality Administration, Tourism Management and Convention and Event Management.

In September 2015, the Makassar Tourism Academy officially changed its status to the Makassar Tourism Polytechnic. The inauguration of the transfer of status was carried out by the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. H. Ir. Arief Yahya, M.Sc.