To become a higher education institution with international standard and Indonesian personality.



  1. Producing tourism human resources who have international competitiveness and have an Indonesian personality.
  2. Develop international scale tourism research based on local knowledge, culture and environment.
  3. Developing community service through appropriate technology innovation, local wisdom and environmental sustainability.



Makassar Tourism Polytechnic is an official university in the Ministry of Tourism which is based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.



Makassar Tourism Polytechnic has the main task of carrying out education above secondary education level in the path of professional education diploma programs aimed at expertise and skills in the field of Tourism.



To carry out these tasks, the Makassar Tourism Polytechnic has the following functions:

  1.    Tourism skills education
  2.    Tourism applied research
  3.    Community service
  4.    Fostering the academic community and relations with the environment
  5.    Administrative management



The aim of the Makassar Tourism Polytechnic is

  1. Preparing people who serve tourism have professional capabilities in the field of tourism, by referring to the goals of national education, rules, morals and ethical science.
  2. Producing professional staff in the tourism sector who have competitive advantages and international quality, capable of working professionally, creatively, innovatively, with business spirit and high work ethic, productive and efficient entrepreneurship.
  3. Conducting research and development as well as community service as the embodiment of Higher Education Tri Dharma.