Makassar Tourism Polytechnic (POLTEKPAR), formerly known as the Makassar Tourism Academy (AKPAR), is the only tourism university with state status in Eastern Indonesia and has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board (BAN) with teaching staff with qualifications of S1, S2 and S3 as well as experienced at home and abroad. In 2009, when he was still in the status of AKPAR Makassar in collaboration with STP Bali for the Diploma 4 program. On September 29, 2015 by the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. Arief Yahya formalized the change in status from Academy to Polytechnic. POLTEKPAR Makassar has produced alumni who work as Civil Servants (PNS), Employees of Government and Private Banks, Managers of Starred Hotels, Travel and Aviation in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Cruise Lines (Cruise Line).


The education and training program at POLTEKPAR Makassar uses an international standard Competency-based Curriculum (KBK) that has been agreed by the government and tourism stakeholders. POLTEKPAR Makassar in collaboration with PHRI, ASITA, MTTP Ausaid (Australia), Joji Ilagan Foundation (Philippines), MNA Consultant PTE Ltd (Singapore), JICA (Japan), KOICA (Korea), Bali Recruitment Service (BRS), PT. Magsay Say (Jakarta), ACCOR Hotel (Malaysia) and others.


The majors that POLTEKPAR Makassar offers are:

1. Jurusan Hospitality  :
a. D3 Manajemen Divisi Kamar (MDK)
b. D3 Manajemen Tata Hidang (MTH)
c. D3 Manajemen Tata Boga (MTB)
d. D4 Pengelolaan Perhotelan (PPH)

2. Jurusan  Perjalanan :
a. D3 Manajemen Bisnis Perjalanan Wisata (MJP)
b. D4 Usaha Perjalanan Wisata (UPW)
c. D4 Manajemen Bisnis Konvensi Dan Perhelatan (MKH)

3. Jurusan Kepariwisataan :
a. D4 Destinasi Pariwisata (DPA)


In order to produce competent students, facilities and infrastructure for international standard practice laboratories are available in the form of a Travel Simulation room, an On-Line Ticketing System based on Abacus technology, Front Office and Housekeeping simulation, a Hotel Operational System based on Micross Fidelio technology, a Laundry Practice Laboratory and Dry Cleaning, Nusantara and Continental Kitchen, restaurant and practice bar, language laboratory and Self Study Room and polyclinic. To support student co-curricular activities, there are musical instruments (Bands), Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Takraw Soccer, Soccer and Futsal, as well as religious facilities (mosques).

As a campus with the concept of totality, there are also male and female student dormitories with a capacity of 200 rooms each, and for easy internet access it is also equipped with hotspot facilities.